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Packaging & Crating Mil-Spec Equipment

Craters & Freighters serving Southeast Virginia has extensive experience packaging & crating equipment for all types of military contractors as well as federal, state, and local government entities. They trust us for their packaging, crating, and shipping needs.

Every government contract has requirements based on the specification MIL-STD-2073-1. They include the quantity per unit pack, quantity per intermediate pack, preservative material to be applied, preservation method, cleaning and drying procedure, cushioning, wrapping, barrier materials, packing level, outer shipping container, barcoding, and RFID. In addition, the requirements typically refer to other material specifications.

We value the trust instilled in us and go above and beyond for our military and government contractors.

Fully Compliant Processes

We can ensure compliance with all of these requirements, including decoding, using the correct spec materials, applying them correctly, preserving, packaging, packing, and marking in accordance with all of the relevant specifications.

We undergo facility inspections, adhere to all codes and guidelines, and have certificates of compliance with military standards on file at all times


This is a specific packaging that must meet all military specifications involved. There are various kinds of military packaging plans, and each constitutes a variety of criteria. It’s imperative that each piece of that criteria is abided by to be labeled Mil-Spec packaging and to meet the military’s standards.

Our Hampton Roads VA crating company delivers on every aspect of military compliance when we create our packaging designs. We use careful consideration of the asset itself, the goals intended, and the military guidelines.

MIL-STD-2073-1 Packaging

MIL-STD-2073-1 is a specific kind of Mil-Spec packaging. If the items you are needing packaged or crated are entering the military distribution system or need to be in long-term storage (over six months), we will adhere to the standard military packaging guidelines of MIL-STD-2073-1 packaging specifications.

We use this Mil-Spec packaging when assets require specific methods of protection and preservation. Our team will prepare each item so it’s safe from damage, understanding that mechanical issues and physical harm cannot occur throughout the shipping process or while in storage, and we use our vast resources to ensure security.

Our packaging professionals utilize high-quality materials and equipment for the most responsible outcome. Cushioning, blocking, and bracing will support the item and keep the movement within the container restricted.

There are three parts to MIL-STD-2073-1 packaging:

  • Military packing: to specify the military packing that an item needs to ensure it isn’t damaged or degraded during the shipping process or while in storage
  • Military preservation: preservation refers to the goods and methods used to protect the asset throughout shipment, handling, storage, and distribution
  • Military packing: the application of protective methods and materials to the item’s exterior to contribute to the asset’s safety

Vapor Barrier Packaging

Vapor barrier packaging is provided when sensitive or bare metal items are at risk of corrosion due to saltwater or saltwater vapor when transported by sea. The asset is placed in a vapor barrier bag, and heat-sealed, protecting against humidity and corrosion.

On-Site Packaging & Crating

In some cases, getting your military or government assets to our facility is challenging. Let us come to you. We have on-site crating and packaging teams that can design and engineer Mil-Spec crates at your location.

Contact us to learn more about our commitment to you and your crating and shipping needs, goals, and requirements.

Additional Services

If all you need are outer shipping containers, we can provide spec boxes that meet any military, government, or ASTM specification. This includes ASTM-D6251, ASTM-D6880, ASTM-D6256, and ASTM-D7478. We also provide spec pallets and skids.

  • MIL-Spec packaging
  • ASTM-style crates
  • MIL-Spec-style crates
  • Wooden boxes, slat crates, open crates, hood-style crates
  • MIL-Spec pallets and load bases
  • Domestic and international shipping


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