Custom Packaging

Engineered product-specific packaging

We'll save you time and money and make shipping your goods more convenient. Protecting your goods during transit is our top priority, so Craters & Freighters offers shipping materials that include wooden crates and boxes and corrugated boxes so that your items can be packed safely for their journey. Engineered product-specific packaging, MIL spec crates, and custom shipping containers are also available to make sure that your goods do not become damaged during transit. We offer both domestic and international shipping options to make sure our customers have a number of options available to them. For items that will be shipped from within the United States to U.S. destinations, we have a number of domestic shipping services available and offer air or ground transportation of your goods.

Heat-Shrink Wrapping

Craters & Freighters offers expert heat shrink-wrap services for assets that need short term or long-term storage.

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Product Specific

Craters & Freighters has the unique ability to provide product specific packaging solutions for manufactured goods, prototypes and one-of-a-kind items.

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Specialized Cushioning

Thousands of clients from every industry rely on our expertise in cushioning and prepping items for shipping hazards and complications.

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Craters & Freighters offers free quotes for any corrugated container or custom box need. We handle all aspects of the shipping process including pick-up, packaging, crating, insuring and delivery!

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Craters & Freighters uses a wide variety of anti-static packaging materials, including wraps, cushioning and barriers to prevent electro static discharges from damaging your sensitive items.

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Vapor Barrier

Electronics and items with sensitive or bare metal surfaces that are being transported by ocean container require moisture vapor proof packaging.

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Product Packaging

Our services also include a consultative approach on your product’s packaging requirements. Our packing experts will work with you and your product’s specifications, and provide solutions for packaging options to ensure safe transport and delivery. Reduce your company's shipping costs, damages and lost revenues by calling your nearest Craters & Freighters and asking about our custom packing options.

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